Brokenness yields embodied faith . . .

With time, brokenness yields embodied faith, and I believe faith, hope, and science heal. My forthcoming book, under contract with Wipf and Stock Publishers, is entitled Emergent Grace: Christian Hope for Serious Mental Illness.

Medication and faith saved my life, and this is a book written to encourage persons with serious mental illness to commit to treatment and wellness so that they will be able to thrive and fight stigma with enduring confidence.

This book is written as a prayer, in hopes that it would reach the people who need it most. When I wrote this book I wrote it to a younger version of myself, who had just been discharged from her second (and final) visit to a mental hospital (2015), and whose career had become meaningless, whose relationships were ripped from her consciousness, and who had stopped talking to her parents and siblings. I remember clearly being shocked mental hospitals still existed at all and I had received no mental health education as I was growing up. No one should go through that alone.

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