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Gaza has now become a concentration camp

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Already decried as an open air prison for decades, now people are being denied food and water. We are genuinely all global witnesses to Israel’s terrorist state. There is no better word for this than infrahumanization. Infrahumanization occurs when a person is seen as irredemable, inhuman, irrevocably other, and evil, and not worthy of consideration, let alone life. This has been a growing sentiment in Israel towards Gaza for years, apparently, and now it is clearly on display for literally the entire world.

This was the core of Hitler’s ideology. Except now the bad identity is “terrorist” and not Jew. While the world who watches along knows that most Gazans are children and that not all are terrorists, apparently, the Israeli state doesn’t distinguish between humans and animals. Neither do Hamas, but they didn’t create a concentration camp.

After the Jews were freed in World War Two, we were globally astonished by the ghastly images of walking skeletons deprived of food and water and dignity.

All we need for the citizens of Gaza is showers for the show to be complete. Gaza has already become a mass grave.

Holding Israel accountable is not antisemitic. It is humanitarian. Blood is on all American’s hands, especially Jewish people, who don’t go to Palestine and defend the dignity of Palestinians on the West Bank, standing between Israeli soldiers and infrahumanized Palestinians. Unprovoked violence is increasing.

I myself am trying to find a flight to Palestine. I don’t care if I get killed or am taken hostage. By Iran, Hamas, or Palestinians. That is the risk of war, and America has already shown that apparently Americans are fighting it.

I will never forgive myself for watching this Holocaust unfold on a screen while my Grandpa fought in WWII to kill Nazis. Jews aren’t evil, and neither are Israelis, but their ideology features the same infrahumanization of the Nazi regime. Isreali soldiers, break free of this ideological prison your unity government is inspiring. Jews of the world, wake up! Gaza is a concentration camp!

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