Autographed “Emergent Grace” Book


More info on how to get a cheaper, non-autographed copy at Appreciatively, Erin 🙂



Are you Christian or thinking about becoming Christian but don’t know how to reconcile faith and medicine?

Do you yourself, or someone you love, live with debilitating mental health challenges?

Do you find it necessary to take medicine?

Have you been told to take medicine but can’t find meaning in the process?

After over a decade of struggling with serious mental illness,(SMI), Erin Michael Grimm is finally stable and (often) symptom free, though she is committed to staying on a relatively high dose of medicine to stay well and to encourage her readers to do the same. The book was written to encourage persons with serious mental illness to commit to treatment and wellness so that they will be able to thrive and fight stigma with enduring confidence.

About the book and how to order an un-autographed copy:

Soft cover, autographed and personalized copy, proceeds of which will go to the development of Emergent Grace services in the community.


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