Where are the royalties going?

Hi there, all royalties for this book are automatically routed to two racial justice endowments at Christian colleges, in a 50/50 split. I didn’t want to profit off of a book that describes the injustice and the suffering of people of color.

  1. 50%: The Brent and Anne Peterson Endowment for Spanish-Language Library Materials at Northwest Nazarene University (where they’re starting a Doctorate of Theology program I’m hoping to take)


  2. 50%: The Richard B. Steele Endowment for Future African American Ministers at Seattle Pacific Seminary (where they have a strong tradition of merging piety and justice, and the research of whose professors I mention throughout the book)


  3. Extra FYI: If you loved the book but the above causes don’t resonate, click below for a link to Rick Steele’s and his wife Marilyn Hair’s daughter Sarah’s obituary and, below the obituary, there is a link to the fundraiser donation page that the family established in Sarah’s honor:



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