Social Justice Bible Teaching for Predominantly White Churches


Teach the Bible in predominantly white churches without forgetting about the importance of justice and mercy. These frameworks will show you how.


In my experience, and also according to research, American Christianity, particularly white Christianity, is prone to hyper-individualism and piety without awareness of the social nature of true holiness. True holiness is social holiness because Jesus Christ was socially holy. His works of mercy and justice and healing always reached across the boundaries established by society. He was aware of the difficulties his teachings posed for his spiritual opponents and for his supporters and own disciples alike. He was the perfecter of the message of the Old Testament prophets before him.

In this packet I provide a supplement to the framework for teaching the Bible proffered by Christine Eaton Blair in The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults. This is the best book on teaching the Bible I have encountered, and, with my supplement, you can frame the biblical text through a thorough social justice lens. This is particularly needed in and intended for predominantly white churches.


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